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Worktop Rise and Fall Systems

Worktop rise and fall systems allow the height of a counter to be adjusted by a manual or motorised action. They can improve access for users of mixed abilities within a household and help to accommodate for every stage a life – great for multi-generational homes. With the work area set at a more convenient height, it makes preparing food much easier and safer, and they are designed to be compatible with a large variety of counters to ensure a secure fit. Key functional cooking and washing up features can also be installed with these devices to ensure essential tasks are kept within easy reach. Different sizes are also available to accommodate various layouts and counter lengths.
21 Products
    • HKE0062 Pull-Out Worktop Runners
    • ACK8530 Leg Cover Supporting Foot
    • ACK8524 Rise and Fall System Handle
    • ACK8525 Rise and Fall System Motor
    • ACK8537 Rise and Fall System Motor Control Box
    • ACK8538 Rise and Fall System Motor Control Box
    • Wall Bar Profile and Spindle
    • ACK8523 Worktop Support
    • ACK8529 Leg Cover
    • Ropox Safety Cut Out
    • ACK8528 Leg Cover
    • 3m Motorised Rise and Fall Worktop System

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