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            Lamona Laundry

            Take the stress out of washing and drying laundry with this exclusive collection of Lamona laundry appliances. A variety of functions make life easier for small homes, large families, and busy rentals, making light work of loads large or small. Lamona washing machines offer deep cleaning of dirty laundry, whether that is a small load of clothes or large loads of towels and bedding. Intuitive technology allows for loads to automatically be adjusted to tweak runtimes and water use, speeding up washing and saving power at the same time. Lamona tumble dryers are a great partner for matching washers offering flexible functions for drying wet clothes. These efficient machines provide dry and wrinkle-free results, whether it is a high-heat cycle to quickly dry towels in a hurry or a gentler setting for those delicate loads. With an extended guarantee, as well as expert aftersales and access to spare parts, these machines are sure to be a lasting addition to any home.


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