Use of Howdens images & video

We have worked hard to develop the Howdens Joinery brand around values of honesty and reliability.

Use of Howdens images

We have worked hard to develop the Howdens Joinery brand around values of honesty and reliability.  The strength of our brand has become nationally recognised amongst our customers, and we rely on you to promote our product to your own customers.

You may wish to market your services in your own manner, such as on websites, flyers or brochures, and in doing so, you may refer to the Howdens Joinery brand.

The following guidelines explain the permissible uses of our brand by our customers. [Not to be taken as legal advice]. We will allow you to refer to Howdens Joinery or our product providing the following conditions are met:

  1. You are a legitimate customer, engaged in the fitting and installation of kitchens as part of your business, and refer to the Howdens Joinery brand and product in that context and not in the context of pure resale.
  2. You refer to the Howdens Joinery depot network, brand and product merely as a source of product you may supply, and claim no form of affiliation or association with Howdens Joinery or recommendation by Howdens Joinery.
  3. You do not purport to disclose any pricing that is available to you from Howdens Joinery marketing material. The discounts we offer are confidential to each customer and it would be detrimental to other customer relationships if such discounts were publicly disclosed.
  4. If images or content are used on a website then a link to is required on every page the images or content are used, and you must ensure that your website clearly states that:-

i.  No formal partnership agreement exists between you and Howdens Joinery Ltd

ii. The products shown have been supplied by Howden Joinery Ltd

iii. All relevant images and wordings are subject to copyright and remain the property of Howdens Joinery Ltd

In other words, you must be a tradesman and not a retailer, you cannot enhance your own status by claiming to be recommended by us, and our discounts are confidential to you and should not be disclosed. 

All of our images and literature are subject to trade mark and copyright protection. Therefore, if you wish to refer to us, you should provide a link to our website

If your actions fall outside these guidelines, you will be encouraged to modify your marketing material as appropriate. In the case of a dispute, the matter will be reviewed and if appropriate it will be referred to the company solicitor. Legal action to be pursued will vary on a case by case basis.