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Kitchen Visualiser

Explore different kitchen designs using our Kitchen Visualiser - an online kitchen planner.

This kitchen design tool lets you pair cabinets, worktops, flooring and more to create an online kitchen design that will work in your home.

Step 1. Visualise your kitchen
Use our kitchen design software to try out different styles to find a kitchen you like.

Step 2. Share with your builder
Download the final image from our online kitchen planner, to share with your builder.

Step 3. Contact your local Howdens
Ask your builder to book a kitchen design appointment with one of our kitchen designers.

Step 4. Create your new living space
Bring your new kitchen to life with local stock supplied to your builder.

You can use this kitchen planning tool to refine your ideas and share your vision with your builder. Then together you can meet one of our kitchen designers, who can turn your kitchen design into a 3D plan, walkthrough video and a 360° panoramic view.

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