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Open plan kitchen diner ideas

Inspirational kitchen diner ideas for an open plan kitchen

A trend that is now definitely here to stay, an open plan kitchen introduces your family to a whole new, more sociable way of living.


What is an open-plan kitchen?

Open plan kitchens are kitchens that open out into another room of the house. Typically, open-plan kitchens form a kitchen diner and family room and are designed to bring everyone together in one space. Often requiring the removal of a wall, a professional builder will be able to suggest the best way to create an open-plan kitchen space.

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How is an open-plan kitchen best used?

An open-plan kitchen can change the way you use your home, bringing your family and dinner guests together in one vibrant space. It is important to know if an open-plan kitchen design will suit your home and lifestyle. 

How do you use your kitchen? Open-plan kitchen design leads to fluid, multi-functional spaces. Open-plan kitchens are set up for keeping an eye on children or entertaining guests while you cook. It is a natural setting for happy hosts and families who love to be together.  

What is the potential size of your kitchen diner?
An open-plan kitchen living room provides you with more space. Give your smaller kitchen room to breathe by opening it up and provide more natural light in the new larger room. 

Explore your layout choices
As well as helping you explore different layouts, your builder can advise on what walls can be safely and easily removed to open up your home. They will be able to tell you if you need permission to remove a wall in your home and will offer advice on keeping your house structurally sound. 

Explore our six kitchen diner ideas

Here are our top six kitchen diner family room ideas to inspire you when you are planning your open plan kitchen with your builder.

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