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Reisser Woodscrews

A common type of fastener, woodscrews are a general-purpose option mostly used for binding pieces of wood for a variety of small or large projects in and around the home. They are also suitable for other materials, like thin sheet metal and plastic, due to their strong fastening qualities. Woodscrews often come with a toughened thread pattern intended to grip the wood as it is inserted and hold it firmly in place, offering long-term stability. Various head types are available to match several brands of driver, including slotted and crosshead. Double countersunk designs lower into the wood for a flush or recessed finish, and give additional head strength to standard countersunk models. Made from hardened steel and often featuring a yellow passivated finish for extra resistance against corrosion, they are available in a large selection of lengths and diameters to make it easy to find the best fit for any task.

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