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            Howdens Promotions

            Instead of Howdens promo codes or Howdens voucher codes, our prices are always competitive thanks to an ongoing price match promise on like-for-like kitchen quotes, confidential trade terms that allow us to offer the best local price, and regular Rooster deals that provide discounts on clearance stock, van essentials, and multi-buy bundles. That is why Howdens' discounts are not available on consumer voucher code websites as we already ensure our products are reasonable and affordable on any budget. 

            • Confidential trade terms

              We only sell to the trade as they have the know-how to install our products to a high standard. Instead of Howdens promo codes, our depots offer confidential trade terms to ensure we are always competitively priced. 
            • Howdens voucher codes

              We offer the best local prices in your area, so our products are affordable throughout the year – which is why Howdens voucher codes are not available through affiliate marketing companies.
            • Price matching

              To ensure every customer receives the most competitive price for our products, each depot offers a price match promise on any like-for-like kitchen and door quote within the region nearest to you. 
            • Rooster deals

              To save money on toolbox essentials or to get a great deal on clearance stock, check out our Rooster deals which offer exclusive Howdens discounts for trade customers.