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            A Guide To Cabinet Handle Collections

            Detailing the colours, shapes, and styles that can be grouped together to give cupboards a matching look, this guide to cabinet handle collections explores the features and benefits of our new handle groups. These sets have been carefully curated by our experts, so homeowners can enhance a design with coordinating accents with ease. Find recommended pairings for our most popular fitted kitchens, along with an in-depth description of each series of handpulls, which makes it simple to create a cohesive scheme with minimum effort.

            • Why do we have handle collections?

               We have developed handpull sets that make it easy for homeowners to craft a cohesive design.
            • What are the benefits of handle sets?

              Our collections feature similar styles that can be mixed and matched, giving door-fronts a personalised touch.

            • Duchess

              Enhance a premium shaker aesthetic with Duchess – a set of stately designs with a polished finish that will bring authenticity to a heritage-inspired look.
            • Highborn

              Channel interiors of the past by choosing Highborn, which features traditional shapes and materials that mirror the appearance of timeworn metals.
            • Earl

              Explore the Earl set to find timeless styles, tailored in a choice of bright or brushed materials, that can be paired together for an on-trend, layered look.
            •  Contessa

              Emphasise a heritage interior by adding handgrips from the Contessa series, which offer clean lines in brushed finishes for an understated look.
            • Courtier

              For an up-to-date take on classic style, pick the trend-led finishes and shapes of the Courtier selection, which has multiple colours to mix and match.
            • Belfry

              Capture bygone eras with the characterful Belfry collection. These handpulls  feature a weathered finish to mimic the faded lustre of antiques.
            • Smithing

              Bring subtle decor to a space with the unfussy design and fashionable shades of our Smithing handgrips, which offer easy access to cupboards and drawers.
            • Knurled

              Introduce depth and texture to a design with our Knurled series – a ready-matched selection of tactile handpulls in a choice of colours and styles.
            • Metric

              Add understated accents to cupboards with our Metric collection, which features simple shapes in on-trend finishes that can be interchanged across a space.
            • Ingot

              Go geometric with the Ingot set. These trimline handpulls have a contemporary aesthetic that will add stripped-back style to cupboards.
            • Fluted

              Add visual interest to a space by looking towards the Fluted collection of handgrips, which has a distinct design with additional grip.

            • Trim

              For an eye-catching addition to a space, consider pulls from our Trim collection, with a slim, curved profile for an on-trend finish.

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