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            Door Handle Buying Guide

            When selected carefully, the right door handle will emphasise the look of an interior, whilst adding functionality to a scheme. In this guide, we explore all the best styles, colours and finishes available, along with important planning considerations to help you choose the best internal door handles for your home.

            What are the different types?

            What are the different styles?

            Lever on rose

            Featuring a metal bar that is attached horizontally to a small backplate, lever on rose designs have a compact style that is easy to use and best used in minimal and modern interiors. A choice of round or square backplates also makes it easy to create a custom look.

            Explore lever on rose door handles

            Lever on backplate

            The large, vertical panel used to fix lever on backplate handles to a door can easily hide marks and scuffs from previous hardware, making it a great option for refresh jobs. The bigger size also offers extra grip when in use - a good choice for multi-generational homes.

            Discover lever on backplate

            Bathroom handles

            Bathroom handgrips operate a deadbolt system that can securely close rooms to unwanted visitors for added privacy. A door handle with lock is particularly useful for creating secluded areas, where showers and baths can be enjoyed in peace.

            Peruse bathroom door handles

            Pull handles

            Helping to spread the weight over a larger area, pull designs are commonly used on heavier doorways, making them effortless to open or close. The simple, robust design is easy to grip and clean, making it a practical option for commercial or public settings.

            Pick pull door handles

            What colours are available?

            What finishes are available?


            Brushed fixtures have a soft, subtle finish that is best used in minimal interiors or homes that want to play with texture. This style also shows fewer marks and imperfections, making it a low maintenance option.

            View brushed door handles


            Thanks to the reflective surface, polished designs will bounce light around a room to create a bright and open feel. This shiny finish also works well with dark interiors, helping to lift deeper tones.

            Pick polished door handles


            With a tarnished finish, antique fixtures re-create the look of handcrafted metals, making them a sound choice for heritage decors or engineered looks. It also has a matt texture to emphasise the aged appearance.

            Explore antique door handles


            Offering a frosted look, satin handgrips have a muted finish that can disguise unsightly fingerprints and complement a pared-scheme. Easy to keep clean, they are best used in high-traffic areas, like hallways. 

            See satin door handles

            What designs are available?


            Sporting clean lines and geometric shapes, contemporary handles are often found in modern decors. They also work well in homes inspired by linear design, adding an architectural feature to a doorway.

            Discover contemporary door handles


            Incorporating period details, traditional fixtures are great for households influenced by bygone interiors or looking for a classic look within a home. Pair with aged metal finishes for added charm.

            Peruse traditional door handles


            Taking cues from the era of opulence, Victorian designs are ornate, making them a stand-out feature on any doorway. Available in rich colours, like brass, this design offers a simple way to add refined appeal to a room.

            Pick Victorian door handles


            Minimal in design, modern handgrips are good for those inspired by simple living. They have an unfussy appearance and come in cool hues, such as chrome, to emphasise their modest look.

            Browse modern door handles

            Things to consider when planning a door handle

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