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            Door Handle Buying Guide

            Exploring all the best styles, colours, and finishes available, this door handle buying guide makes it simple to choose the right option for any property. In this door hardware buying guide, we explore all the important planning considerations to help you choose. Complete a full renovation or quick refresh by picking the best door handles for any home or commercial property.

            What are the different types?

            New 2019 External Dordogne Oak Glazed_RT1

            Where your handles are fitted is important. External door handles, for example, need to stand up to the elements and comply with industry standards to prevent unlawful access.

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            What are the different styles?


            When fitting furniture for multiple doorways, specialist handle packs save time. They include accessories that speed up fitting, such as latch spacers, which position the fixings.

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            What colours are available?

            Fire Door DFM2240_06 closed 5k Metro Smooth
            Fire rated

            To comply with regulations, fire-safety fixtures need to be installed on fire-resistant doorways. They must also be fitted with fire-rated products, like hinges or closers, to be compliant.

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