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Hardware Buying Guides

Door Hardware Buying Guide

When it comes to fitting new doorways or updating an existing one, choosing the right components for a fuss-free installation is important. Our door hardware guide explains how to choose all the essential parts to provide a secure and lasting fit, increase security in residential and commercial properties, as well as enhancing the style of any room for a co-ordinated look.

Hardware for the home

Planning considerations for the home

Premium Tubular Mortice Latch 2 1/2"/3" Polished Stainless Steel

Co-ordinate colours

We recommend co-ordinating your finishes for a cohesive look and to bring a scheme together. Cool metallics suit modern homes, while brass features are best used in period properties or those inspired by heritage design. Black accents can add a style statement to rustic, monochrome, or engineered looks.

Lugano Chrome Square Bathroom Turn

Complement design

Colour schemes are just one part of tying together an interior while the style itself can also create a complementary look. Ornate parts with an antique appearance can help bring together a rustic theme, while fixtures with a precise geometric design complements a decor inspired by modern aesthetics.


Consider accessibility

Making sure entranceways are simple and easy to use is a vital way of making a home family-friendly. This is particularly true for multi-generational homes where easy use is vital for older members. Curved easy-to-grip designs and lightweight builds make internal doors accessible for all.


Plan in privacy

Consider internal access that might require extra privacy, such as bedrooms or washrooms. Simple fixings like thumbturns are a great way to add privacy while being easy to use. They are also safer for families, preventing young children from getting locked in.

Dordogne Oak Bi-Fold

Maximise space

By fitting tracks and runners with folding or sliding fittings, it allows you to make the most of the area without a standard doorway swinging into the room. This is a good option for small spaces, such as built-in wardrobes or pantries, keeping it looking neat and helping to maximise every inch of space.

British Standard 5 Lever Locks

Improve fire safety

The safety of a home can be updated simply by choosing fire-safe parts. Each have an FD rating that protect from smoke and flames spreading through the home for up to 30 or 60 minutes. These include hinges, frames, and locks which are as easy to fit than other components.

Brass Rebate Kit

Double up on doors

If your home features larger doorways or there is a need for wider access to different rooms, then double doors are great for sectioning areas off like separating dining and cooking areas. Specialist parts include floor locking mechanisms, allowing one doorway to open while the other remains closed.

Ledro Black Nickel Rose Handle and Round Escutcheon

Be rental ready

One element to consider with rentals is multiple occupancies. Unlike a standard home, you will find that tenants will prefer key-based locking for each of the bedrooms. Fire safety is also a requirement here – escape routes and split level areas will need FD-rated equipment to comply with legislation.

Fittings for front doors

Planning considerations for exterior doorways

Hardware for commercial properties

Commercial planning considerations

Ash Veneer 16G Glazed

Fire regulation

Certain areas of commercial properties require fire-rated doorways to meet regulations and ensure building safety. For example, doorways that lead to exit routes must be fitted with FD-rated assemblies and signage packs may also be required to clearly mark up fire exits.

Stairwell Stock Image

Escape routes

Signage and panic fixtures are a great way to provide vital directions to exit routes and clear instructions on how to escape. This is particularly important in offices and other commercial buildings where a large number of individuals are situated.

Open 16G glazed double door

High traffic areas

Utilising heavy-duty doorways with large pull fixtures enhances the ability to deal with regularly used areas, such as busy offices. They must also be fitted with specialist hinge fittings designed to cope with the additional weight and frequent use, ensuring that they will stand the test of time.

Universal Aluminium Disabled Access Lever Handle


The abilities of all individuals should be considered and ensuring that parts are both safe and easy to use should be the first thought during planning. Whether internal areas or emergency exits, the usable parts needs to be accessible for everyone.

Getting started