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            British Standard 5 Lever Union Mortice Sashlock

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            Latches and Locks Buying Guide

            From deadbolts to digital panels, this latches and locks buying guide will help you understand what fittings to choose when securing a property or when improving privacy within a home. Covering different settings, such as new doorway installations and upgrades to existing features, we also explain how to choose the right latches and locks for commercial premises, and residences that are rented.

            What are the different types of lock?

            Bathroom bolts

            These bolts are specifically designed to keep washrooms around the home private and secure. As they use a thumb turn mechanism instead of keys, it prevents people from getting locked in – great for those with young children or dependant adults.

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            Night latches

            Best suited to external doorways, these fixtures have a spring-loaded latch, keeping doors firmly closed. The secure design means they can only be opened from the outside using a key or via a handle inside, and can even be double-locked for extra security.

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            Digital door locks

            Digital keypads use a simple programmable code to keep internal and external doorways secure, making it easy to restrict access to off-limit areas. They can help keep personal offices or storerooms safely locked up, as well as designated service areas in rentals.

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            Rim locks

            This type of lock is fitted onto the surface of a doorway and are available in both sash and deadlock options to suit different needs. For example, securing sheds or garden gates, or to add extra security alongside deadlocks in porches or on a front door.

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            What are the different types of latch?

            Mortice latch

            Easily operated with a handle, mortice latches are fitted separate to a lock, ensuring the doorway stays closed without it being locked. They are typically used with internal doorways where there is no need for any locking parts, such as living rooms or bedrooms.

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            Fire-rated latches

            Designed to provide protection in an emergency, this type of latch should be fitted alongside elements such as fire-rated strips and hinges. We recommend that you check the ratings match the marked FD rating, ensuring full compliance with all safety laws.

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            Quick-fit latches

            These quick-fit fixtures are designed to be installed without the need for chiselling and with minimal fuss. They can be fitted in less than three minutes, helping to speed up home renovations. They are a versatile option with configurations to suit any room in the home.

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            Door handle packs

            These packs give your tradesperson all the parts required for a new fitting, including the necessary latches. Buying these components together is more convenient as it creates a secure fit and coordinates the look and finish with other doorway fixtures.

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            Planning considerations for locks and latches

            ERA Double Locking Nightlatch Brass Case & Cylinder

            Door location

            Certain locking types are suitable for different areas of the home, so it is important to consider where it will be fitted. External entrances may require more robust locks or multiple fixtures, such as a night latch paired with a deadbolt. Internal doorways between rooms may only require a latch to keep the entrance closed.

            Mortice Sashlock 2 1/2" Satin Chrome Plated

            Lock strength

            Based on door location and the type of property it is being installed in, there may be strength and security standard requirements that are expected from your insurance provider. For example, 5-lever mortice locks are typically approved by most insurers for use in homes as they are BS3621 approved.

            Bathroom Bolt with Dual Striking Plate

            Fire safety

            While it should always be a consideration, fire safety is a legal requirement in some areas. This includes rooms over two levels, rental entrances, or commercial emergency escape routes. Required fire-rated parts include a frame, strips, doorways, and locks – all with matching FD ratings.

            Yale BS Anti Snap & Anti Bump Euro Profile Double Cylinder CP

            Replacement fittings

            If you are replacing a lock, then measuring the current components will make it easy to find a direct match. The most crucial element is measuring the size and depth of the existing lock case. This will ensure the screw holes and cavity are in the same place, and it matches the location of the handle for a neat finish.

            Riva Chrome rose handle with Chrome round bathroom turn


            It is crucial to consider the ease of use when choosing any locks and catches. For example, you should ensure that a deadlock or night latch is fitted at the right height so it is easily accessible and comfortable to use. Keyless locking, such as turn-operated locks for washrooms, can be secured with minimal effort.

            British Standard 5 Lever Union Mortice Sashlock

            Door material

            Certain lock types are only compatible with particular materials, helping to coordinate build strength of the doors. For example, cylinder locks are a great option for lightweight uPVC and composite entrances, while solid timber builds are strong enough to deal with 5-lever mortice fixings and deadbolts.

            ERA Double Locking Nightlatch Brass Case & Cylinder

            Colour and style

            Some locking mechanisms are visible externally, so it is vital to consider the style of the property to retain a consistent look. For example, compact chrome fixtures are a minimalistic and modern addition to contemporary homes, while large brass components blend seamlessly with traditional buildings.

            Brass Heavy Duty Bolt

            Additional security

            Particularly true for external doorways, introducing additional security can help deter potential intruders and either prevent or slow down possible break-ins. For example, secondary bolts or chains can improve the physical strength of a doorway, while CCTV cameras, security lights, and alarms can also prove effective.

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