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            Sealant And Adhesive Buying Guide

            From putting up wall panels to applying the finishing touches to a flooring project, this sealants and adhesives buying guide explores the different solutions available and how best to use them for all areas of the home. Featuring information on different applications, including those solutions that create a tight seal against water and those that are fire resistant, this article will ensure a kitbag is topped up for the job ahead, saving time during installation.


            • Adhesives

              Providing a strong bond between two pieces of material, an adhesive is essential in a toolkit and can be used for many building jobs, from repairs to flooring.
            • Fillers

              Great for quick repairs, such as cracks in plasterboard, or filling in gaps between surfaces, these solutions allow for a smooth finish ready for decorating.
            • Foams

              Easy to use, foams are a handy addition for filling gaps around windows, doorways and other structures, providing insulation, stopping draughts, and minimising noise.
            • Sealants

              From window frames to countertop joins, sealants protect against dirt or water ingress that can penetrate the join where two fixures meet.
            • Hybrid sealants

              Combining sealing and bonding properties in a single tube, these hybrid products are a great choice for quick, everyday tasks and are a must-have for any trade toolkit.
            • Tapes

              From electrical insulation to decorating, keeping a solid selection of tapes close at hand means you are ready for any task – big or small.
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            Making features watertight

            • Tile adhesive and grout

              For a strong hold and tight seal between tiles and the wall, grout and tile adhesive is essential.
              • Sanitary sealants

              • Grab ahesives

            Boost fire safety

              • Fire and heat sealants

              • Expanding foams

            • Fire-rated foams

              These foams expand in cavities when exposed to heat, safely slowing the spread of smoke and flames.

            Opt for specialist solutions

            • Flooring sealants

            • Flooring adhesives

            • Glazing and frame sealants

            • Worktop joint sealants

            • High-strength adhesives

            • General purpose sealants

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            Getting started

            • Explore all sealants and adhesives

            • Contact your local depot