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            Power Tools Buying Guide

            From quick home repairs to renovating cooking spaces and tackling large-scale building projects, a versatile toolset is crucial for safely and effectively carrying out tasks on site. This power tools buying guide covers the must-haves for any trade professional, from preparing pipes to sanding surfaces, and keeping yourself protected. This guide also covers what gear to keep on board, so you are always covered for the day job.

            What types are available?

            Power drills

            No professional should be without this trusty kit at their side and depending on wattage or drill bit type, it is one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal. Some models will allow for powered screwdriving, so be on the lookout for direction control, enhanced torque, and speed. These will make for quick work and will also save space in your van.

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            Angle grinders

            This powerful equipment is a staple when dealing with heavy-duty materials. They are effective for achieving a clean cut through ceramics, making it essential for jobs in cooking areas or washrooms. Rough surfaces and joins can occur when working with metals, so a grinder will also smooth them out for a flush finish.

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            Power multi-tools

            Different blade types allow a multi-tool to cut or grind most materials on site, so you can cater for a variety of tasks with just one tool. The parts are easy to switch out on the fly, allowing you to move swiftly from woodwork to metal or tile cutting. This means you save time trekking to the van for equipment or lugging around several bits of kit.

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            Power saws

            While a hand-operated saw is a must-have, sometimes only a powered model is up to the task. Circular blades are the most robust option, with a rotating disc making precise cuts on big jobs, like cutting work surfaces down to size. Jigsaws use a straight blade and are hand-held, so they are easy to manoeuvre when cutting curves and shapes.

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            Essential spares and accessories

            What to consider before you buy

            Safely store away

            Exposing powered kit to liquids, dust, or the elements is a sure way to shorten its life. The proper containers keep this valuable gear covered and safe when not in use. Opting for an organiser helps keep different blades, drill bits, and cutters neatly grouped and easy to find. Remember to lock your tools up safely too.

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            Keep dust at bay

            When working with materials such as brick and wood, powerful cutting and drilling can kick up plenty of dust. In the same way floors and furniture are protected with sheets, personal safety needs the same consideration. Filtered face masks or respiratory equipment will protect against dust and other small particles in the air.

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            Keep an eye on danger

            With more powerful equipment comes the need to consider safety more seriously. Due to the speed at which blades move and drills rotate, there is a greater risk of injury. When working with materials like metal or glass, eye goggles and glasses protect from small sharp offcuts causing scratches or serious damage.

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            Stay safe from sounds

            Ringing in the ears after a long day on site is more than annoying – it can be a sign of long-term damage. Prolonged exposure to excessive noise can have serious effects on your hearing. Ear defenders feature a noise rating measured in dB, so check this to make sure it can cope with the work and tools being used.

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