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Hand Tools Buying Guide

From basic cutting and chiselling to specialist equipment and staying safe on site, a well-stocked toolkit is a must-have for any tradesperson. Whether working on simple maintenance tasks or large-scale renovation projects, our hand tools buying guide explains how to choose the right equipment for the job at hand, as well as what to consider before purchasing.

For cutting and sanding

Toolbox essentials

What to consider before you buy

Type of job

Essential everyday items are just one part of a toolkit. Depending on the task, specialist gear could be needed to carry out work and achieve a flawless finish. For example, when working on new or existing floors, knocking blocks are vital for aligning planks, whereas rollers can be used to apply pressure when fitting vinyl panels.

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Decoration equipment

Getting tooled up for a project is vital, even for quick and easy work like decorating. It is important to consider whether areas will require painting, priming or staining as part of the project. Items like rollers, trays, and different-sized brushes will achieve a professional finish and consistent results for your customers.

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Accuracy and quality

Measure twice, cut once – a timeless trade mantra for even the most basic work. Pocket-sized levels or tapes are a must-have when completing tasks. More high-tech equipment, like laser measures, could be used for long distances or to ensure fixings are plumb. This is particularly useful when preparing floors or fixing items to walls.

Choose levels and measuring

Get organised

Knowing where to find essential parts and keeping your equipment stored neatly will save valuable time on site. That is why clear organisation is so important. Boxes can help protect your kit from damage, prolonging the life of your tools, while organisers can keep fixings together, so you know what you have and when you need to replenish.

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