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Flooring design guides

Your complete guide to vinyl flooring

Discover how you can complete your project with hardwearing vinyl flooring. From what to consider when buying vinyl flooring and the technology behind it to installation, cleaning and maintenance.

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What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring takes advantage of high-end printing techniques to create the realistic appearance of wood, stone or nearly any material. The decorative layer is covered by an enhanced protective coating , and the core  provides stability. This is backed by a sound dampening layer.

Rigid Luxury Vinyl

[Remove until rigid roll out week 12] Some of our vinyl flooring has a limestone mixed into its core, providing improved stability and tolerance. Rigid vinyl is our premium vinyl and gives a harder feeling floor, giving a more authentic wood or tile effect. It can also be used in conservatories, unlike standard vinyl.

Where to use vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is hardwearing and can be installed anywhere in the home. It is a popular choice for bathrooms because of its water resistant Aqua Block properties. In conservatories, rigid or luxury vinyl must be used, as the heat generated by direct sunlight can cause standard vinyl to warp.

What are the benefits of vinyl flooring?

The benefits vinyl flooring include durability, a great range of colours and styles all at an affordable price point. Here we answer a few questions about vinyl flooring.

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Vinyl flooring and underfloor heating

Vinyl flooring can be used with underfloor heating up to a maximum temperature of 27 degrees. A consistent temperature of 18-27 degrees is required during acclimatisation and installation. This ensures that the planks are prepared for the working temperature fluctuations.

How to clean vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is easy to clean with a broom or warm soapy water. While most vinyl flooring is scratch resistant you should avoid using anything highly abrasive while cleaning.
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Is vinyl flooring good for bathrooms?

Vinyl flooring does not need sealing when used in wet areas of the home because of the tight Fast Fit glueless fitting system. This makes it simpler to install compared to other flooring that can be used in bathrooms.

How to fit vinyl flooring

Fitting vinyl flooring is straight forward for your builder because of the fast-fit or click-fit technology used in all of our vinyl flooring. Here are the main steps your builder will take to install your vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring ideas

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Vinyl flooring

Get real wood and stone effects that are warm underfoot with our range of vinyl flooring. Suitable for bathroom and kitchens, vinyl flooring can complete the look of your home.