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            Wood Flooring Buying Guide

            When looking for a hardwearing floor, this wood flooring buying guide explains the features and benefits of wooden floorboards to help homeowners make an informed decision for rooms throughout a living space. A staple of heritage and boutique interiors, timber brings natural character and high-end luxury to a design, which is detailed in this joinery buying guide. These durable planks are tough enough to withstand modern life and provide many years of style, thanks to a robust construction that can be easily customised to reflect changing trends or simply refreshed over time.

            Quick-Step Cadenza Single Plank Country Oak Engineered Wood Flooring 1.053m² Pack  Featuring Elmbridge Dusk Blue
            What is engineered wood?

            Made of a thin layer of hardwood bonded to a plywood core, engineered wood flooring is a great way to introduce natural timber to a home without the price tag and maintenance of solid wood products. These floors are also easy to fit and can be sanded up to five times, thanks to their natural timber top layer, allowing you to renew tired designs over time for many years of comfort and value.


            • Premium finish

              Introduce a luxe feature to any living space thanks to the organic texture, rich colour, and unique pattern of timber, which is a staple of boutique interiors.
            • Inspired by nature

              Take inspiration from the outside world with a wooden floor. Made from organic materials, they promote positive wellbeing in a home. 
            • A long term investment

               With a little care, wooden floors can remain in great condition for many years, making it a worthwhile investment for the long term.
            • Style that will last 

              From rustic retreats to Scandi-inspired homes - wood offers a  timeless look that transcends trends, which can be styled up or down to suit any scheme.

            • Grey

              Ensure your flooring is always in style with a classic grey shade that offers a cool palette for any decor.

            • Oak

              Go with the timeless shade of oak for a versatile option that will transcend trends in any interior.

            • Underlay

              For a professional result, a suitable underlay will need to be installed before fitting a wooden floor. This will improve stability, noise reduction, and heat retention.
            • Accessories

              Achieve a seamless finish when fitting a wooden floor with matching accessories, including trims to conceal any gaps left after installing floorboards.
            • Installation

              For a simple and hassle-free fit, ensure the subfloor is even, measure the space accurately, and let the boards acclimatise to the room prior to installation.
            • Cleaning and aftercare

              A broom is a wooden floor's best friend, so be sure to sweep up any dust or debris regularly. This is gentler on the surface than using a vacuum.


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