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            Microwave Buying Guide

            With this microwave buying guide, homeowners can compare different equipment, colours, and handy features to find the right model that enables faster and easier meals at dinnertime. Covering trend-led designs and planning considerations, plus the brands that are popular among our customers - choosing the right device for any home, family, or lifestyle is made simple.

            • Black

              Channel the trend for dark tones with a black design that will complement a deep  scheme or punctuate a neutral palette.
            • Stainless steel

              Pick a stainless-steel model to recreate the look of a professional cooking space. It is also easy to match with other features in a space.

            • HZA7101 Internal

              Easy-clean lining

              Make cleaning easier by opting for an enamel lining that is easy to wipe clean when accidental spills and splatters occur during cooking. 
            • Chelford Marine Blue Handleless Oven Cameo


              Invest in a model with a defrost setting for quick meals in a hurry. This feature is also great for reducing food waste, allowing you to reheat frozen leftovers. 
            • AEG Microwave and Grill - Control Panel

              Pre-set programs

              Take the guesswork out of meals with a range of pre-set programmes, offering optimum temperature and time duration for many popular foods.
            • Lamona combi Microwave


              When short on space, a multi-function model is a great addition as it combines many cooking methods, such as steam, grill, and fan-assisted - all in one device. 

            • Lamona white granite composite sink and Calaggio monobloc tap


              Find a model that fits the space, while accommodating the meals that are regularly prepared at home. Most models are measured in litres to indicate size.
            • Hockley Super Matt White - Miele Oven Run


              Position near food storage and cooking areas to create an organic flow when preparing dinner. Dedicated towers can be used to keep equipment together. 
            • Lamona LAM7151 Inegrated Stainless Steel Microwave in situ

              Fitting type

              Choose a built-in model that is placed within a unit for a streamlined look. A wall-mounted design is best suited to homes that require easy access.
            • Lamona Pyrolytic Oven in Chilcomb Navy Handleless

              Door opening

              Make the most of space by picking a door that suits the layout. Options include left, right or drop-down styles for complete flexibility.

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