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            Cooking Buying Guide

            From everyday eats to dinner party feasts, this cooking buying guide makes it simple to buy the kit needed for a functional culinary space. Dining in has become the new going out, with more households wanting to make restaurant-style dishes at home. To achieve a pro setup, we have gathered know-how on the different models available, fitting types, and features to look out for, so mealtimes are made easy for any lifestyle. Planning considerations, such as location, are also covered to ensure families can craft an ergonomic layout that allows everyone to gather for delicious dinners every day.

            • Range cooker


              With the whole unit on show, freestanding devices have a traditional look and are excellent for creating a focal point in a layout. As there is no need for a cupboard, this style is also easy to access for repairs.

            • Chelford Charcoal Handleless Double Oven Cameo


              Create a streamlined effect with built-in models, which slot neatly into cabinetry. This makes them a good option for reducing visual clutter to keep schemes of any size feeling spacious and inviting.

            • Pyrolytic cleaning

            • Integrated extraction

            • Steam cooking

            • Split cavity

            • Bridging zones

            • Cook&Connect

            • Size or capacity

              When choosing cooking equipment, it is important to consider the layout, room size, and lifestyle needs of a household to determine size and capacity.
            • Energy rating

              Invest in equipment that is designed with efficiency in mind to cut down energy usage and household bills – better for the planet and the pocket.
            • Location

              Make mealtimes simpler by placing devices in one area, like a tower unit, to create an ergonomic cooking zone where everything is close at hand.
            • Packages

              Create a cohesive look with ease by choosing a culinary package, which contains everything needed for cooking at home, in a matching style.

            • Lamona

            • Rangemaster

            Samsung appliances

            Full of cutting-edge features and advanced technology, Samsung's collection of appliances makes everyday tasks a breeze and brings continual innovation into the home.

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