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Kitchen Buying guide

Your guide to buying the right type of hob

Discover hob ideas and the right type of hob for you and your family with our hob buying guide.

Chelford Dove Grey Hob 1

Choosing the right size of hob

A 5-zone hob offers keen chefs more versatility, while a 2-zone domino hob is a good choice for a compact kitchen. A 4-zone hob provides room for family cooking without taking up too much space.

Fuel figured out

Gas hobs offer instant heat and can be modified by your builder to run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Electric, ceramic and induction hobs offer greater temperature control for precise results. 

Hob design features to make cooking easier

There are many features to look out for when choosing a hob. Some can help save time, create better cooking results, or improve safety in your home. Here are some of our favourite features to look out for.

Chelford Slate Grey Hob 2_RT1

Flame select

Lets you choose the precise temperature you need for your dish, allowing you to create consistent cooking results.  


Flame failure

Switches the gas off if a burner accidentally goes out, keeping you and your family safe. 


Bridging zones

Combine cooking zones vertically to create a larger cooking area for those larger pans and casseroles dishes.

Lamona Touch Control Ceramic Hob

Touch control

Sleek and easy to clean, while also offering child-lock safety controls that prevent children from altering settings.

Kitchen hob ideas

Explore these kitchen hob ideas for inspiration when you are choosing a new type of hob for your home.


Hobs for the heart of your kitchen

With a great range of ceramic, gas and induction hobs to choose from, we have a hob to suit every chef and kitchen.