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            How To Plan A Kitchen For Baking

            For star bakers, professional chefs, and even enthusiasts, planning a kitchen for baking will ensure a space meets the culinary needs of making bread, pastries, cakes, and more. While the aroma of freshly baked cookies is welcome in any home, cleaning up the mess of mixing bowls is less so, which could be solved simply with the right equipment. From achieving the perfect rise to storing all your kitchenware, these ideas will help you create a practical layout to make baking a doddle.


            • 1. Double up

              Maximise on space with a double oven which allows you to bake multiple cake tiers simultaneously for an efficient and fool-proof regime. 
              • 2. Get moist results

                Ensure cooking devices are in tip-top shape with a steam oven  offering the best results for a soft, doughy bake. 

              • 3. Smooth out surfaces

                Keep surfaces streamlined with a sleek induction hob that will provide instant heat and make way for easy clean-ups.

            • 4. Freeze with ease

              Find a spot for storing and setting baked goods, in addition to the weekly food shop, with an American fridge freezer that goes extra-large on food storage. 
              • 5. Warm up with drawers

                Bake like a pro with a warming drawer that provides a place to prove dough, which doubles up as a smart hosting feature. 

              • 6. Create a workstation

                Dedicate a zone to working on your baking skills with an island that offers plenty of surface space for every dish. 
            • 7. A place to perch

              Enjoy the best of the bunch by creating a spot to spy on cakes and indulge in freshly-made bakes with a convenient breakfast seating area. 

              • 8. Make it practical

                Combine fashion and function with quartz counters that will stand up to the heat and look good next to fresh bakes.

              • 9. Add elbow room

                Treat your back to a rest with a rise and fall counter system, that makes long, strenuous tasks more comfortable.

            • 10. Protect from spills

              Plan in precautionary measures for spillages with a backboard that can be wiped down after cooking adventures. Double up on style points by matching this surface to your counter.
              • 11. Keep within arms reach

                From flour to food colouring, there are many baking ingredients to store, so opt for easy-access larder storage.

              • 12. Go slimline

                Pack a layout full of clever stowing areas with plinth drawers, that offer a pocket of space for smaller items. 

            • 13. Make room for pans

              Baking often involves many large devices and dishes, which can take a toll on storage areas and your back. Pan drawers ease the pressure when lifting and help to organise substantial cookware. 

              • 14. Opt for undermount

                Turn chores into a quick activity with an undermount sink, that makes it simple to brush debris into the bowl.

              • 15. Transform your tap

                Whether filling pans or making a cuppa to enjoy with cake, a hot water tap will elevate any cooking space.

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