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            Green Kitchen Ideas

            The colour of life and vitality, green kitchen ideas have become popular with many households looking to re-energise their cooking space thanks to the natural accent, which connects with the outside world. From rich, emerald hues to understated sage tones, green kitchen inspiration can be adapted to suit any decor whether that is a soothing space or a luxe aesthetic. With careful styling, green kitchen designs will transform any room - large or small - so give this shade the green light by choosing this hue for a home.

            "Green is synonymous with nature. In recent years, green tones have been a key way to bring the outside in for a restorative space."

            Kim Deigton - Kitchen design and insights expert

            • 1. Staple shaker style

              When selecting green for a space, the best partner is shaker. A staple of classic interiors, this solid choice will stand the test of time, adding everlasting appeal
            • 2. Home in on heritage

              Green is a colour steeped in history, so choose in-frame to bring a heritage look to life. The added border replicates handcrafted furniture familiar to a bygone era.
            • 3. Think green for wellbeing

              To extend a green shade further, choose a door-front with a grained finish. Added texture brings the best out of a leafy hue, accentuating its wellbeing benefits.
            • 4. Mature with matt

              Step out from the crowd with a deeper tone, like fir green, which takes an interior to the next level. A matt finish works best as it reduces glare for maximum impact.
            • 5. Decorative and distinguished

              The beaded detail of our Elmbridge fronts pays homage to cooking spaces from stately manors. When combined with a verdant hue - the result is premium.
            • 6. Pared-back and plush

              Make sure green is the focal point of a space by going handleless. This style keeps all eyes on the lush shade, ensuring it remains centre stage.
            • 7. Personalise with paint

              Choose to be limitless when selecting a tone of choice by opting for paintable fronts. @dustsheets_and_decor went for smoke green to add an art-deco edge.
            • 8. Sustainable selection

              When Mother Nature plays muse, pick products that protect the planet. Chilcomb is made from solid timber and comes in sage green – prime for pastoral decor.
            • 9. Flourishing island format

              Ready for a forest flush in a subtle way? @edwardian_london_terrace has added a green island to draw the eye without committing all cabinetry to this rural hue.
            • 10. Mint-inspired makeover

              For a budget green kitchen idea, consider replacing borders. Our acrylic collection is easy to fit and include minty shades for a subtle take on this sage hue.

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