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            Blue Kitchen Ideas

            Known for its calming qualities, blue kitchen ideas have inspired many homeowners to embrace the tone within a cooking space, as its cool hue provides a soothing backdrop for modern life. Adaptable and versatile, blue kitchen inspiration can be tailored to achieve many different looks, whether that is a home inspired by luxe features, a cosy cottage retreat, or a colourful room that takes its lead from Mother Nature. From stately navy, soft seaside hues, and jewelled tones, these kitchen colour ideas include real-home examples to demonstrate how to bring this rich colour to life. 

            "Blues have established themselves as a classic tone within kitchens because they add a splash of colour without overpowering a space. These hues are often linked to British heritage, so are great for adding a nostalgic touch."

            Kim Deigton - Kitchen design and insights expert

            • 1. Sophisticated shaker

              Combine a rich hue, like blue, with the classic, bordered design of shaker style to create a sophisticated look that stands the test of time. 

            • 2. Lavish and linear

              Keep all eyes on a sapphire shade by switching to integrated handle. The solid swathes of colour and leading lines will create a luxury blue kitchen design.

            • 3. Style wisely with slab

              For a small blue kitchen idea, we recommend slab fronts. The single-piece exterior offers a simple style that is easy to build upon without a room feeling crowded. 
            • 4. Make way for marine 

              Take the plunge into the latest trend for teal interiors. Our newest shade of Marine Blue offers a regal tone that is set the trailblaze its way to the top.

            • 5. Get into the grain

              When crafting a country aesthetic, grained textures are the way to go. Simply pair with a cornflower hue of dusk blue to capture cottagecore.

            • 6. Maximise on matt

              Dial-up the intensity of blue cupboard doors by selecting a muted finish. This absorbs light for a statement style that sets the scene for entertaining. 
            • 7. Be bold and bespoke

              Follow @ultimatefinishalnwick‘s lead by picking paintable fronts. This gives the freedom of choice when it comes to colour, for example, an airy sky blue.
            • 8. Opt for in-frame

              To take a blue interior to the next level, consider customising with in-frame panels. This decorative border adds drama to a design for a decadent backdrop.
            • 9. Long for blue islands

              For an island centrepiece that demands attention use navy as its cornerstone. Great for larger rooms, this statement feature will draw in a cosy atmosphere.
            • Super-matt navy integrated handle doors, double drawer cabinets, and a black induction hob for a simple blue kitchen idea.

              10. Keep clutter at bay

              A clutter-free room is the simplest way to keep blue cabinetry in the limelight. @mac.home.project opted for double drawers to maximise space to declutter. 

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