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            Luxury Kitchen Makeovers

            Defined by their high-end style, these luxury kitchen makeovers show how lavish and sophisticated a cooking space can be by showcasing some of the best designs from real customers' homes. Featuring the finest door-fronts, quality materials, and exquisite attention to detail, this collection will provide tips on how to bring a luxurious look to life, including colour schemes and materials that will elevate any home interior. Equipped with ideas, explore our full roundup of 100 Beautiful Kitchens for more inspiration.

            • 1. Deluxe details

              Craft a luxurious living space with our high-end Elmbridge collection, which features a beaded frame detail for an extra element of embellishment.
            • 2. Low-key luxe  

              For a deluxe design where less is more, choose cupboards with a discreet, integrated handle. The understated style offers a sleek and sophisticated look.
            • 3. An emerald alternative

              Green is a versatile colour that can be styled for a variety of designs. Go for a jewelled tone and accessorise with luxe, tactile accents to create a lavish layout.
            • 4. Tap into two-tone

              Use the one-piece design of slab cupboard doors to create a bespoke mix-and-match scheme that channels a custom look characteristic of luxe interiors.
            • 5. Light and luxe

              Make any cooking area appear bright and spacious with a gloss finish, which offers an effortless way to enhance light in a deluxe design.
            • 6. Desirable dove grey

              For a living space full of modern luxury, make grey your go-to. With a choice of hues, this ever-popular colour provides a neutral backdrop for premium accents.
            • 7. Contemporary cooking

              Make a feature of household equipment to elevate the luxurious credentials of your cooking area. Go for technology with sleek designs in statement shades.
            • 8. Marble marvel

              Get luxury style for less by choosing laminate counters that mirror the detail of more decadent materials and offer an affordable alternative to solid stone.
            • 9. Golden hour  

              Metallic accents are a must for luxurious interiors. Introduce these high-end finishing touches with warm tones, like brass, copper, and gold.
            • 10. Sink into ceramic

              Pick opulent design elements, like a ceramic sink-bowl, to enhance the exclusive feel of a luxe layout and bring a premium touch to practical features.

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