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            The Best Sustainable Appliances for Your Kitchen

            From power-efficient models to those that cut water use, this guide to the best sustainable appliances for your kitchen explores ways to make everyday tasks greener. Energy-efficient technology is key to creating more sustainable kitchens. So, we explain how to choose an appliance that reduces electricity and water use as well as your monthly bills. To help you know which features to look for, we also cover what makes an appliance planet-friendly.

            Sustainably Sourced
            What makes an appliance eco-friendly?

            An eco-friendly appliance uses less energy than standard models, with features that cut electricity or water use. Sustainable appliances can also be made using recycled or sustainable materials, like reusable plastic, to help manufacturing.

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            Clever cooking

            • Invest in induction

              The electromagnetic tech used for induction cooking cuts down energy waste, as it heats pans directly. Stir-frying this way uses up to 17 per cent less energy.
            • Double-up dishes

              The two zones in split-cavity ovens save energy by cooking dishes at two temperatures in one unit, while a small meal can be cooked by powering one zone.
            • Number one fan

              To reduce your bills by up to £20 a year, switch from conventional to fan cooking, which recirculates heated air inside the oven to keep a temperature consistent.
            • Save on speedy dinners

              By microwaving meals, you can cut costs as well as cooking time. Using one to heat your weekly jacket potato could save up to £30 a year on your electric bill.
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            Howdens Sustainability Pledge - Road to Zero
            Our sustainability commitment

            To reduce the use of plastic, at least four parts of Lamona ovens are made from recycled fishing nets or industrial thread waste. This includes the glass bracket, internal fan, or display covers.

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