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            How To Make An Entranceway Look Bigger

            Featuring ideas to create the illusion of extra space in a small or narrow floorplan, learn how to make an entranceway look bigger for a welcoming home zone. With clever tricks to maximise light and reduce visual clutter, as well as flooring designs, find inspiration for a more inviting entrance hall. This includes professional ideas and creative examples from real homeowners. So, whether returning home after a long day or welcoming guests at the weekend, this will ensure the first room in the home will always make an impression.

            • 1. Opt for neutrals

              Stick to a clean colour palette to enhance the sense of space in an entrance, such as white doorways and neutral walls, for less visual clutter.
            • 2. Maximise natural light

              Explore entries with stylish glazed designs to fill a layout with plenty of light. This handy hack helps brighten and open up a windowless entranceway.
            • 3. Run flooring throughout

              Choose vinyl for a sturdy floor in high-traffic areas, connecting the entrance to other rooms for a open flow. This reduces visual distractions for a spacious feel.
            • 4. Create a focal point

              Draw the eye through the room by introducing a herringbone floor, like – a dynamic feature that increases the feeling of space.
            • 5. Go for glazed doors

              Pull in light from connecting rooms with glass doorways. @fixingthirtytwo have used large glazed panels to brighten up a narrow hallway.
            • 6. Design subtle stairs

              Replace stair fittings with discreet glass panels for a clean line of sight through the staircase, making an entrance feel open and inviting.
            • 7. Add leading lines

              Introduce decorative details by choosing mouldings to introduce architectural appeal and lead the gaze, elongating a narrow hallway.
            • 8. Select simplicity

              Achieve an understated aesthetic by picking baseboards with a pared-back, contemporary design – bonus points added for a neutral hue.
            • 9. Keep clutter at bay

              Use drawers to hide boots or shoes in a custom bench, like @our_dream_at_no_15. This frees up floor space for a neat and clutter-free hallway.
            • 10. Use under-stair areas

              Maximise every bit of space by turning an awkward alcove below stairs into valuable storage. Use versatile base units to make organisation easier.

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