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Concrete-effect kitchen doors

Go for the latest accent trend to create a bespoke look in the home with concrete effect kitchen doors. These doors can instantly update a room by adding a textured concrete highlight to wall or base cabinets and drawers. There are a variety of sizes available to create a custom look and fit. Read on to learn more about our concrete kitchen doors and how to use them in the home.


What are concrete-effect kitchen doors?

Concrete has become a popular finish for home interiors, and concrete-look kitchen doors re-create this grey, urban finish in a feature cabinet door. Wrapped in a textured layer, these concrete kitchen doors complement many designs, including those inspired by the engineered look, or where a grey feature will enhance a space.

How are concrete kitchen doors best used?

Better suited to contemporary styles, these concrete accent doors can be paired with a neutral colour scheme to add texture and a grey focal feature within a room. Alternatively, pair with dark cabinets to add a paler shade to the design and to add extra warehouse influences.
Greenwich Super Matt Charcoal with Concrete Wall Cabinets

What are the benefits of concrete-effect kitchen doors?

These concrete-effect doors will provide the option of adding individual character to a room. Concrete accents are available in a range of sizes, allowing complete customisation within a design. These doors can be added to full and half height cabinets, as well as corner cabinets and drawers.
Thurmaston Depot Model Shots  0021

Things to consider when planning concrete-effect kitchen doors

In larger spaces, textures can be layered without a room feeling cluttered. In smaller spaces, opt for one texture to keep the space looking clean and uncrowded. Concrete accents will suit many layouts - to get expert advice, you can speak to one of our knowledgeable designers.

Concrete kitchen door ideas

Below are some design ideas to explore how concrete kitchen doors can enhance a space.

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