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            Decorating Buying Guide

            From products to even out walls, equipment to improve personal safety on site, or treatments that will offer a personal finish to surfaces throughout the home, this decorating buying guide lists some of the key essentials needed when working on building or refurbishment jobs. Whether it is prepping for the project or cleaning up when complete, it is packed with tips that cover any project. From basic essentials to specialist kit, this guide will help any professional to get equipped.

              • Treat timber

                Pre-treatment products are crucial for safeguarding wood from future damp and rot.
              • Bust the dust

                Protect furniture or floors from dust or debris with  plastic or material sheets.
            • Save surfaces

              Use protectors to prevent floor coverings from becoming accidentally damaged during decorating. This could be from sharp or heavy equipment, foot traffic, or falling materials.

            • Build a base

              Get walls or furniture set for decorating by first applying an undercoat. This will prepare a surface for painting to ensure a high-quality finish and a long-lasting paint job.
              • Magnificent multitasking

                Pick a versatile, do-it-all primer with options for internal and external use.
              • Incredible adhesives

                Keep the right adhesive solutions on hand for strong bonds or to seal any material.

            • Mask up

              Stay safe from airborne particles, like dust or wood shavings, with a filtered mask.
            • See clearly

              Stay shielded from debris, dust, and material shards by wearing eye protection.
            • Get hands on

              Opt for durable work gloves to keep hands save from cuts, abrasions, burns, or scrapes.
            • Kneel in comfort

              Bending or kneeling for long periods can be made more comfortable with knee pads.

            • Remove and repurpose

              Get waste off-site safely and efficiently ready for disposal or recycling by using rubble or rubbish sacks. This will make the clean-up quick and the site clear for the next stage of decorating.
            • Spruce up surfaces

              Give everything a thorough once over after building or renovating by using cleaning products that will leave surfaces and materials pristine. This will rid them of dust, debris, or unwanted materials.
            • Dual vacuuming

              Pick up dirt and debris in any area with a multifunctional cleaning device when finishing a decorating job. Wet and dry equipment means that dirt can be sucked up even in damp areas.
            • Protect hands 

              Long projects and heavy-duty tasks can put the most resilient hands under stress. Clean solutions can safely rid hands of dirt and possibly harmful substances, while a specialist cream avoids cracking or injury.
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            Crafted with care and cutting-edge technology, TIMCO products are a testament to their high standards, making them a trusted choice for thousands of tradespeople across the UK. So, whether it is accessories and ironmongery, or security and workwear, TIMCO has the essentials to get the job done.

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