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            Fixings Buying Guide

            Whether it is simple jobs or bigger building projects, having the right parts to hand is crucial and this fixings buying guide covers the essentials needed for a variety of tasks. Picking the right parts is key to a neat and professional finish, as well as a sturdy installation that safely meets building regulations and customer satisfaction. From light tasks to working with heavy-duty materials, this guide will cover a variety of applications to offer the best knowledge possible.

            • Anchors

              Fixed into walls, these help secure items like as electrical equipment or signage, and are best used in solid materials, including stud walls and brickwork.
            • Plasterboard fixings

              These are a great option when fixings in stud walls are hard to find. Once drilled in, it bridges gaps between plasterboard and block work for a secure fit.

            • Frame & hammer fixings

              Doorways and frames require more than bog-standard parts. Frame fixings are designed to create a strong hold into woodwork and solid substrates.
            • Packers and shims

              A van essential, these fixtures are crucial for levelling and squaring battens, frames and skirting. The surface can then be aligned correctly before fitting.

            • Wall plugs

              When drilling into materials like brickwork, they are effective at ensuring a firm hold. They expand as screws are tightened, creating a snug fit in the wall.
            • Furniture fixings

              When fitting cupboards, specific fixings are required for a professional finish. These types include parts for fitting internal panels or aligning cabinetry.

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            • Adapt to materials


            • Masterful measuring


            • Tool up for the job


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            Crafted with care and cutting-edge technology, TIMCO products are a testament to their high standards, making them a trusted choice for thousands of tradespeople across the UK. So, whether it is accessories and ironmongery, or security and workwear, TIMCO has the essentials to get the job done.

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