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Ovens Buying guide

Great for producing delicious roasts and baked treats, these devices are essential for cooking family meals, however, the breadth of models available can often make it challenging to find the right one for a home. Here, we explore the benefits of each type and explain all the planning considerations, so you know exactly what to look for when choosing your equipment.

What are the different types?


Great for larger households, or for those who like to entertain, twin-cavity models increase cooking capacity, so multiple dishes can be prepared at the same time. They have two separate chambers, both of which can be set at different temperatures, and they can be fitted in tower units or beneath counters.

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Offering one large cooking cavity, single models are a versatile option that can fit in a number of cupboard configurations. They are smaller than double versions, making them a sound choice for medium-sized families, couples, or those living solo, and are a practical choice for smaller spaces.

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Designed to be installed into a tower cupboard, built-in versions increase accessibility by allowing the device to be positioned at eye level. This makes it easier to rotate heavy trays and there is less need for bending or stretching, making this a great option for multi-generational homes.

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Built-under devices are fitted beneath a countertop, and are a practical choice for those who are tight on wall space or are working with a compact layout. They are usually installed below stoves, which makes it easier to transfer food from pan to tray, and ensures cooking devices are kept in one place.

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What colours are available?

What to consider during planning?

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