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Ping Coombes finished kitchen 18


Kitchen makeovers

From classic, timeless looks, to industrial designs and contemporary layouts, explore a variety of kitchen makeovers from real customers to get inspiration on how to refresh your home.

Staceys blue kitchen makeover

Bringing dark, navy tones into a room, Stacey's Fairford kitchen enhances the natural features in her home to create an engineered design influenced by the past. Explore how she balanced a striking scheme with a functional layout to suit her family and her lifestyle.

Explore Staceys kitchen makeover

Charlottes two-tone design

Using the contemporary colours of blue and navy, Charlotte has updated the classic style of her Fairford kitchen to create a two-tone design. Discover how she combined this striking look with a practical layout to create a stylish and functional family space.

Explore Charlottes kitchen makeover

Claires cosy and classic kitchen

Claire's cosy Allendale Cashmere kitchen shows that compact spaces can still pack a stylish punch. Explore how Claire made use of neutral tones and incorporated a wide variety of cupboard styles to keep her room looking spacious and organised.

Explore Claires kitchen makeover

Fifis warm and rustic revamp

Characterful and timeless, a rustic design was exactly what Fifi wanted for her new space. Discover how she used Fairford Cashmere and clever cabinetry to create a warm and welcoming scheme that is functional and full of farmhouse style.

Explore Fifis kitchen makeover

Claires simple and serene shaker

Claire’s Fairford Grey kitchen is a great example of how classic Shaker styles can be brought up-to-date. Learn how Claire paired her kitchen with a muted colour palette of white and beige to create a calm space to spend time in.

Explore Claires kitchen makeover

Roschelles dark industrial design

Roschelle’s Fairford Charcoal kitchen proves that being brave with dark tones in smaller spaces does pay off. Discover how she added elements like warm brass handles and wooden shelving to achieve this industrial style in her home.

Explore Roschelles kitchen makeover

Taras luxurious kitchen look

Featuring integrated handle cupboard doors, Tara’s Clerkenwell Super Matt Grey kitchen takes refined design to a new level. From marble worktops to brass profiles, and statement taps, discover how Tara’s luxurious kitchen came to life.

Explore Taras kitchen makeover

Keira and Georges linear style

Keira and George's Clerkenwell Super Matt Slate Grey kitchen brings a contemporary, linear look in their home. Explore how they complemented the sleek design with other simple features to create a space inspired by modern living.

Explore Keira and Georges linear style

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