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Kitchen Cabinets

Ready-assembled kitchen cabinets

Factory-assembled by skilled craftspeople our ready-to-fit kitchen cabinets are designed to save time during installation, so a new design can be updated faster. Learn about the benefits of choosing our ready-assembled cupboards and how to use them to make the most of the available space.


What are ready-assembled cabinets?

These units are pre-assembled during production to form a single, rigid unit. Constructed by professional craftspeople who have the know-how to produce high-quality furniture, these cupboards are supplied in a solid form that can simply be moved into position and fixed into place without the need to assemble parts. They also come with a 25-year guarantee as standard, so you can be confident your design will stand the test of time. 

What are the benefits of ready-assembled cabinets?

Things to consider when planning ready-assembled cabinets

Modern handleless dove grey kitchen with black inserts, industrial grey worktop, black kitchen tap and inset kitchen sink.

Cupboard doors

Our factory-assembled kitchen cabinetry can be fitted with all of our cupboard door styles. This makes it a great choice when you want the freedom to choose a custom design that will reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

Base Units - Kitchen Brochure


Design is in the detail, which is why we offer a choice of colours. Versatile white will match any decor, while light-grey oak complements a cooler palette. Classic natural oak is only available in rigid, and will add warmth and traditional tailoring to any space.

Cabinets NO

Cabinet types

From larders that make use of height, to drawers that offer easy access, plus extra tall and deeper wall units too, our ready-assembled units offer a vast number of options to make it simple to create a bespoke look in an interior. 

Natural Oak cabinets

Size options

With three wall heights, including 360mm, 720mm and 900mm, plus three cupboard depths at 575mm, 290mm and 390mm, you can be sure to find the right unit size for any room. In-between widths, like 350mm and 450mm, are available too for a custom fit.

Features for more function

Balham Gloss White - Drawers (WK29)

Upgrade drawers

Featuring a soft-close mechanism, our upgrade drawers feel luxurious and are fully extendable for easy access. They can also be tailored with a push-to-open device to create a stylish, handle-free look.

Mollie King cabinets 9

Extra wide openings

Our ready-assembled units come with standard 110-degree hinges, and you can upgrade to a wider170-degree option. These make items at the back easier to access – great for multi-generational homes.

Traditional antique white framed shaker kitchen with rounded corner kitchen island unit, wood worktop and white wall tiles.

Curved units

Creating a smooth, flowing design that is both stylish and safe to use, curved doors are now available with our ready-assembled cabinets and can be paired with our Tewkesbury, Fairford and Chelford styles.

Mollie King cabinets 38

Room for supply

Designed with a 72mm service void, these cabinets have plenty of space to conceal energy supplies, wiring and waste fittings. It also offers easier access to the back – great when carrying out repairs.

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