Kitchen Hacks

We are passionate about kitchens and want to help you get the most out of yours.

Whether you are trying to maximise the potential of your current kitchen or are looking for tips and tricks when it comes to a new project, this ultimate list of kitchen hacks is sure to help.

From cooking to cleaning to creative storage and clever design, we have compiled a list of our favourite 70 kitchen hacks, including special contributions from some of the UK's most exciting home bloggers and our in house experts.

Design Hacks

1. Contrast materials

Give your kitchen a chic makeover by combining materials. Mix and match your shelving and worktops or incorporate a wood breakfast bar.

2. Bring colour to your kitchen through produce baskets

Inject brightness into your kitchen by storing your colourful peppers, courgettes and cauliflowers in our wicker or wired baskets.

3. Transform nooks into useful storage spaces

Awkward, empty spaces? Use our bi-fold doors to hide away your appliances.

4. Double up on shelving for extra storage

Transform your shelves into on trend focal points by hanging copper or gold utensils underneath.

5. Two for one drawer

Double up your deep pan drawer with a customised built in cutlery tray. A great solution when drawer space is limited.

6. Easy LED cabinet lighting

Brighten up a dark cupboard with creative lighting. These automatic lights are quick and easy for your builder to fit.

7. Magical floating worktops

Give your kitchen a chic makeover by combining materials. Mix and match your shelving and worktops or incorporate a wooden breakfast bar

8. A little help from above

Don’t let your high cupboards go to waste when our pull down shelf is so easy to fit.

9. Colour your kitchen unique

Customise your kitchen with multi coloured cabinets. Our Burford Paintable range is perfect for creating your individual style.

10. Bespoke chopping board

Simply chop and drop with a custom, pull-out, hole in the middle chopping board. Create using off-cuts from your real wood worktop.

11. Creative wall storage

Get creative with a baton wine rack. A simple, yet eye catching wall feature that is great for parties and an easy fit for your builder.

12. No space for an island, try this...

If you don’t have space for an island feature in your kitchen, work with your builder to create a bespoke on-wheels butcher’s block. Perfect for compact areas.

13. Fit mason jars into the underside of your cabinet

Whether you are storing your dried food or sweet treats, filling Mason Jars is a perfect way to bring colour and texture into your kitchen.

14. Hide away sockets

Create a streamline design on your kitchen tops by installing our pop up plug sockets. With the added USB feature you can charge up devices too.

15. Unique storage ideas

Using our end panels, together with your builder you can create bespoke shelving to personalise your kitchen.

16. Endless bespoke kitchen features

Create a statement piece within your kitchen. Working with your builder the possibilities are endless from dresser toseating and floating shelving.

17. Three in one waste recycling bin

With our integrated recycling bins all of your waste and recycling is in one place hidden away.

18. Protect your worktops

Keep your worktops as good as new with our hot rods. The rods not only look stylish - they will protect your tops from any unwanted heat.

19. Bespoke kitchen table

Introduce natural materials into your kitchen with a bespoke kitchen table using our solid wood worktop.

20. Seamlessly stylish

To create a smooth, seamless design, our contemporary collection has a large selection of handless frontals. By removing the handle, you create a polished, understated look.

21. Make use of your ceiling space

Keep cupboards free by hanging pots and pans from the ceiling. For a country feel, suspend a ladder or create a contemporary feel using a stainless steel rack.

22. Chalkboard wall

For the ultimate functional design take drawing on your walls to a new level by using chalkboard paint.

23. Bespoke herb box

Bring the outside in. Ask your builder to make you a bespoke herb box using our oak worktops.

24. Mirror stain effect

Create an ornate, antique look within your kitchen by distressing mirrors and glass with spray paint and vinegar.

25. Pull up cupboard

If you like a minimal worktop, consider a pull up cupboard to hide away things like the kettle and toaster or consider using this space as a coffee station.

Cleaning Hacks

1. Keep your detergents tidy

With so many bottles of detergent to store, it’s easy to lose track of what you have. Install a wire basket making it easy to see everything and keep a tidy cupboard.

2. Make your silverware shine

Keep your silverware shining by dipping in a mixture of baking soda and water, then polish. You’ll see the sparkle in seconds.

3. Microwave your sponges

Believe it or not your kitchen sponge holds around 10 million bacteria per square inch. Save throwing them in the bin by putting them into the microwave for two minutes to clean.

4. One of the many uses of coconut oil

Add shine to your solid wood worktops with coconut oil. The oil removes impurities, while its acid content kills bacteria - leaving your tops looking glossy and brand new.

5. Polish your stainless steel

Banish oily fingerprints and streaky marks by gently rubbing dissolved baking soda into the surface with a warm clean cloth.

6. Make your oven gleam in 15 minutes

Cleaning your oven can be easy if you let the products do the hard work. When not in use coat the inside with washing up liquid, baking soda and water. Then sit back, relax for 15 minutes and wipe clean.

7. Cleaning your ceramic kitchen sink

Ceramic sinks are beautiful but prone to stains. Keep your sink clean by wiping over the area with warm water and vinegar. Avoid scouring pads as you can scratch the enamel.

8. Use a lemon cocktail to eliminate smells from your microwave

Remove nasty smells from your microwave using one common ingredient; a lemon. Place a slice of lemon into a jug of water, put it in the microwave, heat it up and let the steam do its job.

9. Cleaning your wooden chopping board

Wooden chopping boards can last years. Sprinkle baking soda on the board and wipe a chopped lemon over the board. Rinse and towel dry.

10. The ultimate copper pan cleaner

Use a solution of salt and vinegar when cleaning your copper pots and pans. This highly acidic duo can work through almost any stain, leaving your cookware as good as new.

11. Keep your old toothbrushes for those hard to reach areas

When cleaning those hard to reach areas like taps, sinks and handles, your old toothbrush will come in handy.

12. Flush away kitchen smells

Flush out any nasties with a mixture of baking soda, white vinegar and boiling water.

13. Remove dirt from your oven racks using tumble dryer sheets.
Make your oven racks shine again in three easy steps.

• Fill your sink with hot water, washing up liquid and tumble dryer sheets.

• Soak for a few hours.

• Wipe clean with the soaked dryer cloths and dry.

14. Clean your dishwasher with a few glasses of vinegar

Cleaning your kitchenware isn’t easy with a dirty dishwasher. Add two glasses of vinegar and run the hot cycle to leave your dishwasher shining.

15. Use rice when cleaning difficult areas

If you have difficult bottles to clean try this. Add rice, a splash of water and detergent to your bottle, shake it up and your dirt with loosen making it easy to clean.

16. Glass splashbacks

Installing glass splashbacks in the kitchen is a fantastic way to make cleaning easier. They come in a range of colours and you can even buy glass tiles. A flat surface to spray down quickly is great when they get greasy or have food splashes.

Cooking Hacks

1. TLC - tea lovers’ cuppa

Check your tea technique. Where black and herbal teas can use boiling water from your kettle, green tea needs a bit more TLC with a lower temp of 150F.

2. No juicer, no problem

Try squeezing every last drop of goodness out of your citrus fruits with a pair of tongs!

3. Bad eggs?

By placing an egg into a bowl of water you can check its freshness. If it sinks it’s fresh, if it floats it’s time for the bin. Just don’t drop from a height!

4. Stop your salad wilting

Improve the life span of your salad by trapping air in a sandwich bag and sealing tightly. The Co2 will keep your leave fresh for longer.

5. Wine cubes

Use your ice cube tray to make drops of frozen wine, perfect for melting into cooking sauces.

6. Store your asparagus for longer with one special ingredient

Cut an inch off your asparagus and stand in two inches of water, loosely cover the tops and refrigerate for up to two weeks; as good as freshly picked.

7. Soften your butter in seconds

Simply place a warm small glass over your butter and watch it melt.

8. Just baked bread

If your bread is lacking that just baked crunch sprinkle the top with water and place your loaf in the oven on a medium temperature. The result; crusty bread.

9. Hull your strawberries to perfection

The clue is in the name; use a straw to hull your strawberries with no stress or mess.

10. Measure your spaghetti using your serving spoon

If there’s one food we always cook too much of, it’s spaghetti. Save guessing and use the hole in your spaghetti serving spoon to mean the perfect amount for one.

11. Tackle that butternut squash

Before attempting to cut your butternut squash pop it into the microwave to soften for two minutes. You’ll find it much easier to cut and peel.

12. Chill your drinks in minutes

Wrap a wet towel around your bottle and place it in the freezer. The frozen towel will work wonders.

13. Separate your yolks with a plastic bottle

Separating your egg whites from the yolk can get very messy, try squeezing a bottle over the yolk and sucking it up - no mess, no stress!

14. How to peel ginger with a teaspoon

As ginger is so delicate, using a vegetable peeler can take a big chunk out of it. Try using a teaspoon instead to remove a thin layer of skin.

15. Keep your jug chilled with a cup of ice

When enjoying the sun keep your pitcher chilled by adding a floating cup of ice. This will keep your drink cool without diluting it.

16. How to peel garlic easily

We all know peeling garlic can be fiddly and time consuming. Save time by simply putting the garlic cloves in a jar, screwing on the lid and shaking really hard until all the peel falls off.

Storage Hacks

1. Awkward under sink space

Make use of the space under your sink by using our under sink storage drawer. The drawer is cleverly built in a U-shape to fit around your pipes.

2. Customise your pantry

Furnish your pantry with built-in pull out drawers. No more empty space just lots more storage. Customise with different size drawers depending on what you need to store.

3. Smart open shelving

If you have a compact kitchen with limited wall cupboard space, opt for open shelving. Not only will this create storage space you can also personalise your kitchen with display items.

4. DIY chopping board

Reduce meal prep time by creating a pull-out, hole in the middle chopping board. No more walking back and forth to the bin, just chop and drop.

5. Create a versatile pantry

If you have an awkward space within your kitchen why not ask your builder to create a bespoke pantry by taking advantage of our internal doors.

6. Organise your pots and pans

Keep your pan drawers organised and tidy by using different sized dividers.

7. Secret plinth drawers

Create storage by installing a plinth drawer within your kitchen. This area usually goes unnoticed and is perfect for extra storage.

8. Spice rack

Add a spice rack to the inside of a cupboard or empty wall space

9. Magic corner storage

Deep corner cupboards can mean lost pots and pans and forgotten food. Try our full extension corner storage to maximise space.

10. Make the most of mason jars

Create an on trend look within your kitchen by using mason jars for creative and stylish storage. Try filling the jars with utensils and flowers.

11. Built-in paper towel holder

Keep your worktops clear by installing a paper towel holder just beneath your worktop. Out of sight but easily within reach in case of any spills.

12. Hide and sleek

Keep your kitchen minimalistic without compromising on storage by using a single frontal to hide three drawers.