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Greenwich Super Matt Charcoal Bathroom Main Set

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Bathroom Worktops Buying Guide

To help you get the best from your new washroom, en-suite, shower room, or WC, we have collated the best design and planning tips from our designers to offer you this guide on how to choose the best bathroom worktop for your home.

What are the different types of washroom counter?

What colours are available?


Offering a blank canvas to build upon, white is commonplace for all types of wet rooms thanks to its clinical and hygienic appearance. It is also a good choice within washrooms that have limited light and space as it can bounce natural light around a room, making it appear brighter and more open.

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Black can be used to inject a bold accent in a wet room, particularly within monochrome designs or those that take influence from engineered interiors. It is also a good choice for multi-generational homes as its more visible than other counter colours, so these rooms are easier to navigate.

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Taking its cue from earthly materials, oak adds organic charm and warmth to a space re-creating the look of timber in an affordable way. Wood effects are also a versatile choice, suiting most decors, with it working especially well in homes with rustic features, or those with Scandinavian character.

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Spanning a variety of shades, brown counters can be paired easily with other surfaces in a room, such as floorboards to create a cohesive look. It also offers a warm accent to cooler colour palettes and offers punctuation within darker schemes for a design with plenty of tonal variation.

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What are the different types of finishes?

What profiles are available?

Things to consider when planning for a new washroom counter

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