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            Compact Laminate Worktop Buying Guide

            For those who want a hardwearing, low-maintenance, and affordable alternative to solid stone surfaces, synthetic can be the way to go and this compact laminate worktops buying guide offers a complete run-down of the benefits these counters offer. Featuring a round-up of the colours and finishes available, we also cover planning considerations to keep in mind when designing a space with this material.  With a laminated surface that is easy to wipe clean, these counters are a great choice for a  modern home and combine everyday practicality with a premium aesthetic.

            • Hardwearing

              Enjoy ongoing durability thanks to this water, heat, and stain-resistant material, which is manufactured for long-lasting quality in a cooking space.
            • Affordable

              Update a living area for less with this budget-friendly alternative to solid stone. It replicates the pattern and colour of natural materials at a lower price.
            • Ultra modern

              Enhance a contemporary scheme by introducing this innovative counter style, which features an on-trend, square edge and slimline profile.
            • Easy to clean

              For fast clean-ups after dinner, compact laminate has a wipe-clean surface that makes it simple to stay on top of chores and keep a room pristine.

            • Black

              Embrace the trend for dark accents by introducing a bold sweep of black to craft a statement work area.
            • Copper

              Enrich a scheme with a copper-toned counter, which will introduce an aged finish and warm tone to a room.
            • Grey

              For a versatile design that can complement a broad palette, go for a compact laminate counter in grey.
            • White

              Choose white for a clean and  fresh aesthetic. This much-loved neutral is both timeless and on trend.

            • Textured

              Add natural charm to a cooking area with a textured counter that mirrors the patterns and tactile quality of real stone – with a budget-friendly cost.
              • Matt

                Modernise a design with matt that adds a pared-back style, that reduces glare and visual distractions. 
              • Smooth

                Pick a smooth counter to turn the workspace into an understated design feature that is easy to keep clean.

            • Length

              Compact laminate is only available in 3m lengths, so remember to factor this in when planning a design. This larger size suits all spaces and minimises joins.
              • Specialist tools

                Like solid stone, compact laminate requires special kit to cut and fit, so make sure to call in the experts.
              • Drain grooves

                To prevent water sitting on the surface, ask a fitter to cut draining grooves alongside an undermount bowl.

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