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            How To Plan A Kitchen On A Budget

            Whether you are a first-time buyer looking to stretch your savings or an experienced renovator flipping a room at low cost - knowing how to plan a kitchen on a budget will ensure a practical and stylish cooking space is achieved without breaking the bank. These planning tips will put you on the right path to save pounds on your overall project, including product recommendations that free up funds for those must-have features. We know that value for money is important, too, so this kitchen advice explores how to make your funds go further with products that are built to last and span the changing trends. 

            Foundation fundamentals

            Allendale set with best on budget icon
            Choose cost-cutting collections

            Meet our Best on Budget collection – hand-picked designs made with money-saving in mind. Featuring affordable shaker and slab styles that cut the cost of creating a space you love. 

            Learn about our Best on Budget

            Cost-cutting appliance choices

            Keeping running costs down

            Household bills matter when you are on a budget, so look for efficient products that use less energy and water to save money now and in the long term.
            • Cut water waste

              A dishwasher uses a tenth of the water when handwashing – with zero effort. Also, laundry features like load detection or eco cycles reduce water bills by up to £90.
            • Preserve power

              Induction consumes up to 17 per cent less energy than standard ceramic designs. A split-cavity oven lets you heat a single zone to save power on smaller meals.
            • Watch the clock

              Short washes and eco modes improve speed and running cost when cleaning a load of laundry or after-dinner dishes. Over the month, those savings add up.
            • Compare energy ratings

              Ranging from A to F, energy ratings make it simple to select eco options for your home. Better ratings equal better efficiency – making it cheaper to run.

            Save on surfaces

            Counters and breakfast bars are a staple in any kitchen – and durable choices can still be easy on the wallet. Look to hardwearing materials that mimic premium options for less.
            • Look to laminate

              Big on durability and small on price, laminate is great for a budget makeover. Choose various designs to find an affordable take on premium patterns.
            • Consider compact

              Great for cost-effective counters, compact laminate is an inexpensive alternative to solid stone. So, you can harness a high-end look while spending less.
            • Budget like the best

              Laminate is also great beneath your feet, and tough enough for busy areas. Recreating the character of wood and stone, it is easy to fit, too.
            • Invest in vinyl

              A high-end choice, vinyl is designed for longevity. By investing your budget here, it is a lasting material that won’t need replacing in a hurry.

            Savvy finishing touches

            Planning a pocket-friendly design is all in the detail – those features that are inexpensive to buy while adding an eye-catching flourish.
            • Stick with stainless

              For a reasonable cost, opt for stainless steel in a washing area. This popular metallic is also simple to style with other features around the room.
            • Pick a package

              A pre-made bundle is a budget way to buy your sink and tap, pairing matching designs in one stylish set so you can caft that coordinated look.
            • Slot in space-saving features

              Storage troubles are the main motivations behind many makeovers. Decluttering with simple additions, like cutlery trays, problem-solves without breaking the bank.
            • Sort and save

              A sustainable mindset is better for the planet and for your pocket. Embrace a green ethos with recycling bins, which make it simple to separate waste.

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