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            Luxury Kitchen Ideas

            From selecting sumptuous colours, adding high-end materials, to introducing lavish accessories, luxury kitchen ideas demonstrate how to harness a high-end aesthetic in a cooking space using different products. These tips cover budgets large and small, letting homeowners decide whether to splurge on signature pieces, like kitchen sinks, or save funds on premium touches without compromising on style, such as handgrips. Featuring examples curated from our designers and real customer homes, these luxury kitchen designs will help elevate any kitchen layout.

            • 1. Refine with cream

              Create a sophisticated backdrop using the soft shade of cream – a classic neutral that makes a room feel light, spacious, and refined. 
              • 2. Boutique hues

                Dare to go dark like @lustliving with dramatic charcoal for a show-stopping space that replicates boutique interiors.
              • 3. Toned texture

                Appeal to the senses by selecting a sheen-free finish for cupboards, which will feel like velvet to touch. 
            • 4. Personalise with paintable

              Follow @dustsheets_and_decor's lead and experience the luxury of choice with a paintable style that can be finished in any colour - now and in the future. 
              • 5. Island living

                Indulge in a place for guests to come together with an island layout, where entertaining is at the heart of a room.
              • 6. Luxe linear

                Take inspiration from international design by going handleless for a linear look that embodies luxury.
            • 7. Frame in detail

              Give the appearance of impressive handmade furniture with an in-frame design that adds a decorative border around fronts to put emphasis on quality.
              • 8. Posh pantries

                Create a custom pantry using larder units, as seen in, to take storage to the next level.
              • 9.Max on marble

                Incorporate extravagant patterns, like marble-effect quartz, for a palatial look that is straightforward to maintain.
            • 10. Go for gold

              Bring eye-catching touches of gold to a scheme using brass handgrips, as seen in @pingcoombes' home, for an expensive-looking interior. 
              • 11. Invest in tech

                Gain the luxury of time by choosing the latest tech, like @rubybhogal to speed up meal prep and chores.
              • 12. Instant feed

                Save time serving drinks with a Quooker tap, which provides boiling, cold, filtered, and sparkling water in an instant.  
            • 13. Sink into style

              Rinse off dishes and handwash delicate glassware in the grandest of settings by selecting a single or double sink-bowl in a lavish material, like ceramic.
              • 14. Unique floors

                Build an affluent look from the ground up with a high-quality, real wood floor that will add character and a lasting fit.
              • 15. Light it up 

                Illuminate the finest features of a scheme by placing lights in key places to set the mood -  whatever the occasion.

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