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Kitchen Cabinets

Flat-pack kitchen cabinets

Affordable, adaptable and readily available, flat-pack cabinets are a popular choice thanks to the compact shape and lightweight design. Discover the benefits of choosing our flat-pack cupboards and how best to use them in your design.

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What are flat-pack cabinets?

Flat-pack cabinets are manufactured and delivered in flat parts. These separate components can be fitted together to create a sturdy and robust unit, which can then be used as a base for your chosen design. Flat-pack cupboards are supplied with all the necessary fittings, including hinges and cabinet legs, to ensure installation is simple and hassle-free. They also come with a 25-year guarantee, for total peace of mind.

What are the benefits of flat-pack kitchen cabinets?

How to use flat-pack kitchen cupboards?

Besides being a suitable option for any homeowner looking to lower the cost of a design, flat pack is ideal for rented properties, compact living spaces, like flats, studios or annexes, and within other areas of the home, such as a utility or boot room. Here we explain why.

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Compact living

With a space-saving design that is easy to move around, flat-pack kitchens are great for compact properties like studio apartments, annexes and flats. These areas often only require simple configurations to make installation simpler.

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Rented properties

For landlords who are looking to furnish their properties in a cost-effective and stylish way, flat-pack cupboards are a good option. These units are inexpensive to replace when wear and tear occurs over time – making it easy to keep a design looking fresh and functional.

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Around the home

Utility and laundry rooms are often left-out of decor updates. Flat-pack furniture makes it easy to transform these spaces into a stylish and clutter-free environment that matches other areas of the home to create a cohesive look without breaking the bank.

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Commercial premises

If you have a small business or a new start-up, then keeping costs low will be a priority. Flat-pack cabinets can provide extra storage at an affordable price, and are easier to manoeuvre into tight spaces, like beauty rooms or tool sheds, to make installation easier.

Things to consider when planning flat-pack kitchen cabinetry

Features to keep in mind

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