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            Bespoke Worktop Buying Guide

            Made to measure to meet the exact requirements of any given project, this bespoke worktop buying guide explains what to expect from our template and fit service, the benefits when choosing a solid surface option, and an overview of what options are available in our collection. With a selection of colours, finishes and profiled edges to choose from, these surfaces offer homeowners complete customisation for a feature that is one of a kind to a home. Made from durable quartz or acrylic, they are a long-lasting investment that will stand the test of time.  


            • Sirius Worktop Cameo

              What are bespoke surfaces?

              Constructed from either quartz or acrylic, bespoke counters are customised in any size, shape, colour, and finish for a personalised look. Made to measure, they create a signature feature that is one of kind.
            • Gris Expo Worktop Cameo

              How does it work?

              Once a style is chosen, our engineers will measure up to create a custom template. This is used to construct the surface to the exact dimensions, which takes two weeks. It is then fitted by experts as part of the price.
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            What colours are available?

            • White

              A go-to for many homeowners, white offers a crisp, clean look that lifts a dark palette or complements neutral interiors. It also has everlasting appeal, adding longevity and timeless quality to a design. 

              • Black

                Black punctuates any scheme for a statement look.

              • Grey

                Versatile grey pairs with a wide variety of styles.   

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            What profiles are  available?

              • Double Bevel Edge Profile

                Double Bevel 

                A flat edge top and bottom softens this profile. 
              • Shark's Nose Edge Profile

                Shark's Nose

                This tapered edge offers a sleek, narrow look. 
            • Double Pencil Edge Profile

              Double Pencil 

              Featuring a rounded edge top and bottom, this soft profile complements a classic style. It is also  great for homes with pets and little ones, as the curved profile removes sharp sections. 

            What are the benefits?

            • Custom sizes and profiles

            • Expert fitters

            • Extended guarantees

            • Durable and hardwearing


            How to order a made-to-measure surface

            • Design the surface 

            • Plan a home visit 

            • Confirm the order

            • Get the surface fitted 

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            Top brands

            • Apollo

            • Silestone

            Explore more buying advice 

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