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            How To Design A Boot Room

            Bridging the gap between home and outdoors - knowing how to design a boot room is crucial for crafting an area that is hardwearing, practical, and easy to maintain. A successful boot space means evaluating the lifestyle needs of a household while taking into account functional and fashionable features that make a boot room work hard. From easy-clean materials to storage ideas for outdoor lovers, use this boot room inspiration for an inviting interior that withstands everyday use.

            • Boot room storage idea using different depths of cabinets to create a spacious seating area.


              Consider how the space will be used and who will use it, for example, if it needs to be kid or pet-friendly. This will determine the features or products included. 
            • @paul_lang_1983's Howdens boot room, using Fairford charcoal cabinets and brushed brass cabinet door knobs.


              Think about where a boot room will be situated. If used as a cloakroom, place it near a hall, or consider garden access when it is made for outdoor activities.
            • Layout

              Boot rooms are often small areas that double up for other chores, like laundry or houseplant revivals. A sound layout will ensure it stands up to daily tasks.
            • @Donna Jones boot room with Fairford pebble cabinets and a bench using a Howdens oak solid wood worktop.


              Choose practical colours and durable materials that can withstand heavy use to make sure a boot room is designed to last while expressing personal taste. 

            • Contemplate cabinetry

              Smart storage will keep a boot room clean and clutter-free. For example, larders maximise height for large items, while drawers grant easy access to supplies. 


            • Consider the colour

              Colour is an important element. Whilst dark dark tones will hide marks, light hues can be easily wiped down if a gloss surface is chosen, keeping maintenance low.

            • Allow for accessories

              Optimise the internals of cabinetry to keep counters clear of clutter. Pull-outs can bring items forward, while bins are a great option for clearing debris from bags.

            • Select a surface

              Add a robust countertop in a boot room design for a sturdy surface to carry out tasks. Choose materials that are easy to maintain or simple to refresh over time.

            • Clean up in comfort

              Include a sink to make space for washing and cleaning when returning indoors – great for pet owners or those with green fingers heading back from the garden.
            • Try trendy taps

              Pick the right taps for rinsing boots or pets, with those with added features like a  spray nozzle making it simple to direct the flow of water where needed. 

            • Work in washing

              Install laundry equipment in a boot room to make it easy to throw muddy clothes or wet towels straight into the wash without carrying them through the house.
            • Embrace easy-clean floors

              Muck is common in a busy boot room, so switch to floors that are easy to clean. Vinyl is waterproof when correctly sealed, standing up to dirt with ease. 

            • Craft creative panels

              Avoid a major redecoration project in the future by protecting the walls with panelling, which can be painted any colour and easily touched up if marks occur.
            • Add subtle storage

              Repurpose coat hooks or door knobs as a place to hang gardening tools or hiking gear – a low-cost alternative to extra cupboards in a boot room.
            • Simplify shelving

              Use shelving to introduce additional storage without crowding a small boot room layout, which is a good way to utilise off-cuts from a countertop.
            • Brighten up benches

              Ensure a boot room is easy to use with a variety of light sources. Above seating or strategic task lights add better visibility, especially in winter months. 

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